Artist Spotlight: David Diaz and His Infinite yet Relatable Inspiration In Music

New York Singer/Songwriter David Diaz makes a comeback to BuzzMusic, taking a peek into the process for his hit “Only I Get Sad”, and how he went about portraying his inner monologue. With vast inspiration from Sam Smith, Daft Punk, Ian Kirkpatrick, and Julia Michaels (to name a few), David Diaz felt compelled to write music that portrays detailed life experiences just like his inspirations. When asked how he found inspiration for writing, David Diaz responded with a passion, explaining how he wants his listeners to be able to relate without getting lost in their sorrows.

Always striving to find that perfect balance, David Diaz noted that with the release of his single “Only I Get Sad”, the production was extremely strategic and meticulous. Also noting that he aimed to create a song with introspective lyrics, yet wanted to round it out with ambiance instead of something a litter darker. Taking his messages to new levels, David Diaz wanted to release this song, in particular, to let everyone find beauty within the pain. Mentioning that the song is more of a melancholy reflective piece, it’s clear that David Diaz is effectively able to channel those vulnerable emotions and tell a beautiful story that lets listeners from all walks of life easily relate.

Listen to "Only I Get Sad" here.