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Artist Spotlight: DJ Ryan Alex

DJ Ryan Alex has carried two burning flames in his heart since he can remember; jazz and dance music.

His creations in sound capture bright, story-rich, pictorial listening experiences that keep the audience engaged from beginning to end.

Calling Los Angeles his home, Ryan Alex is producing music that is inclusive to all listeners.

His festival-ready creations offer a relatable perspective to the sound composition that any listener can pick up on.

Through the COVID 19 pandemic the ability to showcase his music in live B rooms and main stages has taken a back seat, but that hasn't stopped Ryan Alex from connecting with his fan base.

Every Friday at 8 pm (PST) DJ Ryan Alex has been live-streaming his music productions. Through this "new wave" of connecting with fans, Ryan Alex has also discovered valuable techniques he will be able to apply in a live setting.

During his live-streams, Ryan Alex discovered and shared "I really enjoy transitioning between songs and letting the vocals of the ending track ride the beat of the new track coming in. During the transitions, something special is happening and at that moment the songs are birthing a 50/50 love music child."

Listen to "This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4” here.


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