Artist Spotlight: Fearless Hip Hop Artist Mi.Yayø Draws in Audiences With His Rousing Lyrics

An incredible Rap artist to grace the music scene hails from Miami and delivers feel-good Hip Hop music for everyone to enjoy.

Mi.Yayø didn't grow up with a lot, and it wasn’t long before he was absolutely sure there was something more out there for him. Mi.Yayø brings to his music a sense of realness, telling it like it is and reeling in listeners with his honest lyrics and hardcore beats. Having been compared to the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Mi.Yayø’s music such as his latest single “Milestone” just keeps giving and drawing an audience. Mi.Yayø takes advantage of everything the production world has to offer, swirling in electric guitar and textured drums with his heart-stopping Hip Hop beats.

His music becomes very carefree and loose as a result of his easygoing and peaceful personality. Mi.Yayø has always been one to appreciate the small things, and this authenticity that comes out in his music is what keeps him going. He has gathered a devoted following stemming from his hard work and dedication, and his refreshing music will only go up from here. Check out our recent interview with Mi.Yayø here.