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Artist Spotlight: Finnian James Touches on Heavy Subjects in His Music

The UK based multi-instrumentalist Finnian James at his core is an entertainer. Since discovering his natural talent to perform at a young age, Finnian has set out to show the world his unique, powerful sound that features a nostalgic flair through the use of his downtempo guitar lines. Keeping a deep storytelling approach to his music, Finnian touches on heavy subjects to shine a light on them to help heal the wounds for others. As heard in Finnian's latest release, "Leather and Sand" hits you right in the gut with his intense lyricism that makes you almost feel heartbroken while listening.

Taking inspiration from icons such as Jeff Buckley and Zed Zeppelin, Finnian keeps a unique sound to every single release, all while keeping his personalized approach to writing lyrics. Finnian James is planning to release his next single "Something About You," and he is already saying that it is the catchiest song that he has ever written, that alone has us incredibly excited to hear what will be coming next from this sonic texture mastermind.

You can find "Leather and Sand" here.



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