Artist Spotlight: Five Star Friend Gives Listeners a Sense of Relief With His Laidback Sound

Five Star Friend is the exact kind of artist you need in your life if you're wanting a perfectly constructed Californian vibe. We've said it once and we'll say it again: Five Star Friend makes us feel cool, collected, and ultimately groovy. It's hard to not move your body along to the harmonic stylings of Five Star Friend (we can personally report this to be true)! He creates idealistic audible environments and mixes in some eclectic tempos to keep the stimulation of his listeners.

One recent single we've seen from Five Star Friend was "Maybe It's True", and if you're already familiar with the track, you'd know that it exhibits imagery of self-acceptance. That's what you get with the content of Five Star Friend--positive and self-empowering messages that aid in your personal growth. Nevertheless, the themes Five Star Friend often relays throughout his songs don't feel too heavy. He's taking on different styles with different messages to be heard, and we're appreciative of the writing style Five Star Friend possesses. We're always getting that easygoing lifestyle with Five Star Friend, and we find it's quite infectious to listen to. Five Star Friend is the kind of artist that radiates in all directions, and we're intrigued to hear more of this artist's eccentric soundings.

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