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Artist Spotlight: Freaky Deeky Makes His Mark On The Crowd with 'StarMode The EP'

Freaky Deeky is one of those artists who are able to make a mark in the crowd after a single release. This was definitely the case with this New Orleans based hip-hop artist’s release “StarMode II.” This five-track collection perfectly encompasses what Freaky Deeky is all about, high energy, and good vibes. A signature style in Freaky Deeky’s music is how he does not hold back for a moment on what he is capable of, especially in his release “StarMode II.”

Freaky Deeky’s use of rapid-fire snare drums and high tempo drums create an awe-inspiring backbeat that allows for his lyricism to shine through. Speaking of Freaky Deeky’s lyricism, what makes it unique is that it genuinely comes from the heart, Freaky Deeky does not have any time for any jibber-jabber in his music it shows. We don’t know exactly what Freaky Deeky is cooking for us next, but whatever it is, we are excited and patiently waiting.


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