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Artist Spotlight: Get Cozy with Trèvon Slaten

Tennessee native, Trèvon Slaten encourages listeners to be a part of his musical journey with emotional and engaging storylines. His newest single “Moment”, is able to mix together R&B and pop as his lyricism opens up to the longing he feels for a past relationship. Slaten mentioned this piece is truly a conversation he would like to have with an ex-lover when he finds himself reminiscing and wants to know if they do the same.

The serene background vocals enhance the delivery of his powerful and broad vocal range as he sings with a natural warmth and tenderness. “Moment” is a truly raw and vulnerable piece of music and because of Slaten’s ability to create lyrics in such an open and poetic way, this track becomes mesmerizing as the sonic production decreases to enhance his lyrics. When individuals like Slaten are so filled with powerful emotion we can expect some amazing music to come from it so make sure to take a listen.





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