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Artist Spotlight: Get Lost in the Groovy Soundscapes from Cluttered Clarity

The Boston based groovy-pop group Cluttered Clarity is one of those groups where you’ll want to sit back, get comfy, and focus in on all of the details. Their music is full of uniquely placed soundscapes that fill the room.

The multi-member band covers all instrument fronts. The talented musicians of Cluttered Clarity fuse in synthetic elements from trigger pads and synthesizers. Cluttered Clarity is here to show off their raw talent, and give you the best of contemporary funk.

Since meeting at Berklee College, Cluttered Clarity has been constantly writing new material and even throughout isolation. The group has been experimenting with new technology for their live shows. We cannot wait for the day we will be able to see them live and bring their grooviness to the stage. With their next song “SomeWays” being on the slower side of things, we are deeply excited to hear what new sonic adventure Cluttered Clarity will take us in.


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