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Artist Spotlight: Gloom Balloon is a Contemporary Version of Old-School Jazz and Blues

Bringing together our favorite sounds of old-school Jazz and Blues, Gloom Balloon is a music group to watch.

They fuse the best of the traditional soul with their own contemporary and alternative perspective on various genres. Gloom Balloon also makes use of many instruments from piano to drums.

The music group strips down their walls and approaches their songwriting process with open hearts. The refreshing writing perspective that they have access to an unlimited palette of colors is the reason each of their songs is so unique. 

Gloom Balloon believes that creating music is the equivalent to painting with sound. Also known for creating music videos, they give their fans a chance to enjoy the visual experience of their music. 

Gloom Balloon is set to release a full-length album “So Bergam Uses Bach To Get His Point Across, I Feel Like I Have Chosen Rock But At What A Cost,” and with that catchy title fans are ecstatic to hear what the band will bring us.

Check out our recent interview with Gloom Balloon here.

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