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Artist Spotlight: GRITT GRITT and KING KALI Make Us Stand Strong in Their Music

There are some collaborations that can’t help but make you feel fired up and ready to take on the world. Minnesota based Hip-Hop artists GRITT GRITT and KING KALI do just that in their collaborations. Spending over three years of honing in their art together allows for GRITT GRITT and KING KALI to craft music that educates the listener on self-realization. This was something that we could easily hear in their latest release, “We Thru.”

Keeping to their storytelling themes, “We Thru” gets us ready to stand tall and take on whatever gets thrown at us. The duo further keeps up this hyped-up feeling through their use of heart-pounding 808’s, consistent, elegant flow in the lyrics and a dense, precisely placed compact soundscape that ties in everything together. The music that GRITT GRITT and KING KALI create is full of attitude and strength, and it is something that we definitely cannot get enough of.

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