Artist Spotlight: Highlighting Sheridan Reed’s Timeless Songwriting Abilities

Austin, TX, independent Singer/Songwriter Sheridan Reed is back on BuzzMusic. This time around we’d like to highlight his ethereal sound and compelling songwriting. Taking time to layer meaning within each track, Sheridan Reed lets his audience recognize their limits and feel empowered to take on adversity. Drawing inspirations from past and present, through Motown and Stevie Wonder to Allen Stone and Lianne La Havas. With a recent release of his song “Coffee” about friendship with feelings that were never really addressed, he feeds his audience power and independence through invigorating lyricism. Taking inspiration for each song day by day, Sheridan Reed can find a meaningful message through a life-altering experience or simply pondering overtop a cup of coffee.

Although his songwriting process usually derives from experience, Sheridan Reed is also known to begin his creative process with a simple chord progression and work his way up. He displays endless creativity through compelling instrumentation and groovy guitar melodies, establishing the song's vibe and atmosphere by adapting to the path his emotions take him on. While also finding time for other artistic and creative endeavors like reading and painting, Sheridan Reed’s flexible skillset lets him take on each task with the same competence and dedication.

Check out "Coffee" here.