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Artist Spotlight: It's Off to "Neverland," We Go, With neontown

Consisting of two true talents, neontown is the dynamic Pop duo turning heads. Jac and Aure are based out of Leeds, UK, where these multi-talented Singers, Songwriters, and Producers, always strive to convey warmth and nostalgia in the pieces they create.

Their most recent single, “Neverland,” delves into the fiery spark in which the core of passion is kindled. Illustrating images of wanting to take flight to a place of solitude, the pop ambiance hones in on modern production techniques with the pulsing tempo and electronic elements.

Offering listeners an intensified medley of emotions, the harmonious vocalization merges with the uplifting melodies in this zealous story chalked full of lyricism and genuine sonic tones.

As “Neverland” progresses, crystal clear images of unhindered love are painted as they prove that there is something so delicate about settling down with that special someone.

Genuine love and cordiality are brought to the table as neontown submerges us in an ambiance served on a silver platter.

Discover more about neontown here.

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