Artist Spotlight: Jazz-Pop Artist Joséphine Radiates Positivity

Coming to us from the hub of pop music itself, Joséphine is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who fuses the finest elements of Jazz and Pop into each of her alluring soundscapes.

Originally born in Tuscon, Arizona, the Persian-American artist is bridging the gaps between genres and cultures alike. The soulful twist of Jazz makes her artistry stand out amongst the similarity of pop songs in the current era. Instrumentations create an atmosphere of romanticized intensity, which allows her dominant vocals to take the spotlight and captivate her audience.

With her poetic lyricism, Joséphine aims to bring out the humanity in each of her listeners by revealing her authentic feelings. Her recent songs have spoken to her new awareness of self-sabotaging behavior within her relationships that stem from dating emotionally unavailable people. Through each radiating track, Joséphine reminds her audience that everybody makes mistakes, and what is important is how we grow from them.

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