Artist Spotlight: Jenn Desantis Keeps the Audience at the Edge of Their Seats With Her Music

JennDeSantis is one of those artists that creates incredibly interesting music through her amazing vocals that reminisce the styles of Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, Melissa, Etheridge, and Fiona Apple, and through her theatric playing style on the piano that feels like a breath of fresh air. This is especially true in her latest inspiring EP 'Chromatic Heart', from the opening to the closing track this EP feels like a flying carpet ride that is spiraling out of control all while feeling perfectly safe. This crazy but sane experience reminds us of classic rock albums but with Jenn's spontaneous flair it feels completely new to us too. The music that is written from Jenni's straight from the soul, with songs like “Like Me Up” and “Crazy”, it is incredibly evident how much she cares about her songwriting and storytelling. The journey that Jen takes us through her 'Chromatic Heart' is one heck of a dynamic experience that we would be happy to live through again and again. Combined with her exciting live shows, Jennis able to keep an audience perfectly at their edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. She is not an artist to look over.

Listen to 'Chromatic Heart' here.