Artist Spotlight: Jerome Obholz Will Take You on a Journey Through His Music

The Nashville, based Pop artist Jerome Obholz writes music that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster about his life. In releases like "All You Want," JeromeObholz brings a fresh new pallet to the table with his tasty vocoded effects and designed sounds that keep you hooked throughout his music. Combined with the excellent production is Jerome's unique vocals that he consistently delivers with every release - they keep us engaged continuously with dynamically evolving effects and intricate lyricism. Especially in his release "All You Want," Jerome master-crafts with his producer the production to allow for his brilliant performance to breathe and share his stories by keeping elements simple, easy to follow, but also exciting to listen. From starting out as a voice note, to back and forth messages with his producer, to the final production and mix mix, Jerome perfectly sculpts each intricate detail in his music to have the exact emotion that he wants to bring to the audience. We are incredibly happy that Jerome decided to release "All You Want" for the world to hear after initially thinking that he shouldn't, and we cannot wait to listen to what will come next in the next chapter of Jerome's career.

Listen to "All You Want" here.