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Artist Spotlight: Jindi Finds Inspiration in Unique Places

Writing from feelings and pure truthfulness, Jindi is an artist who will surround you with sincerity. He has intentions of being completely free when he creates and draws influence from the musical styles he grew up listening to. His new single, “Just a Dream” is a perfect example of this. After waking up with lyrical ideas from an unusual dream, Jindi crafted the melodies and lyrics we now know as his song, “Just a Dream.”

Jindi takes inspiration from areas where some other artist may not think to look, and that’s what makes him an artist you’ll want to keep your eye on. After listening to Jindi’s song “Just a Dream,” you’ll be in a trance and taken from reality for the entire duration. Jindi’s imagination is capable of things beyond your average musician. You won’t want to miss it in his new song, “Just a Dream.”

Hey Jindi, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re truly taken on a journey with your passionate single “Just a Dream”. What inspired you to write a track that sings on reminiscing moments with someone, and expressing your desire?

Taking it back to June of 2019, I sat down and grabbed my guitar, laid down some chords, and every time I would try to finish up the track, it just wouldn’t come together. I remember this one night I was working on the same track until late, I got tired and went to sleep, I had this dream about someone whom I had never met before, and it felt like we’ve known each for the longest time, everything just started from there. I wrote down what I was feeling and the music came later on. I just find it easier sometimes to sing about somethings rather than explaining everything, I like to leave it to people to interpret what the song makes them feel like, or even make them think about different scenarios.

Within Jindi’s recent single “Just a Dream”, we’re able to hear a variety of cultural instruments that really round out the warm atmosphere. What sort of sound were you going for when producing and creating the instrumentals?

I feel like sometimes music writes its self, based on how the lyrics or the melodies sound like, you come up with an idea and then you sit down with the producers and it just hits you, for me, it was kind of a straight forward and an instant feeling about what the song is going to sound like, from the percussions to the guitar riff and the melodies, they all blended together nicely and it just felt right for me. Coming from the MENA Region and getting exposed to so many different cultures of music had a big impact on the styles of music I’ve been listening to. Talking about the Warm atmosphere, You know I had given the world a “Summer Anthem”.I just wanted to create the kind of music that connects with the world.

Speaking on Jindi's debut EP “1995”, what sort of themes did you lyrically bring to the table, and how did you want the world to perceive you seeing as it was your first project?

I wanted to take you all on a little journey, Before starting this project, I had plans to bring out the different kinds of music styles I grew up listening to. My intentions were to be free and create the kind of music that I was feeling.I’ve had the privilege to meet so many incredible musicians from different parts of the world, which has really taught so many things. I wanted to capture some of my personal experiences and write about them, I just wanted to see people from different parts of the world dancing together and having their best time.

Now that Jindi has released a few singles and a debut EP last year, do you personally think you’ve defined your sound by now? Or do you still experiment with different genres when creating?

I think that consistent work and releases could eventually result in proving that, there is so many different ideas inside my head and I wouldn’t want to put my self in a box and be restricted to a certain genre, I just love the process of creating music and just hearing people’s stories and seek knowledge wherever I can get it.

For now, I’m leaning more towards the World Pop sound, Looking at a song like “At times” from my EP, My intentions were to spread some positivity wherever I can, If there was one person that might have heard the track and it made him smile or feel inspired then that’s what I was looking for. I wrote other songs on the album about personal experiences, and I shared a different side of Me in “Running (On My Mind)."

That’s the beauty of it for me, whenever I start working on a song, I get so many different ideas. So many times I would just chat around and hear people’s stories instead of having a studio session, that resonates well with me sometimes and It can spark some ideas that lead on to writing a song.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

So many things have taken a different direction with the current situation, more on the positive side for me. I felt like this is the right time for self-reflection as an artist, and working more towards my craft. I’ve learned so many things in these past few months and I’m grateful for that.I’m going to be releasing some more singles in the upcoming months, there is a new remix coming out soon, but for now, I just want the world to dance me on this tune.



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