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Artist Spotlight: JONES Does Not Hold Back for a Second on What He is Capable of

There are some artists that when you listen to their music, you can’t help but feel an adrenaline rush in your body that lasts as soon as the song ends. The Chattanooga based Hip-Hop artist does just that in his music, especially in his release “Fired Up,” JONES is not afraid to give you that exciting rush in your body. Keeping creative as well, JONES takes conventional ideas and then puts his unconventional spin to it. To provide you with a fresh but familiar feeling to it, an example of this would be in his release “Fired Up” how JONES takes that classic snare roll idea that typically gets used and then has a guitar do it instead - it’s pretty cool.

On the flip side, JONES is someone who is genuine and down to earth in his music, speaking on heavy topics such as self-confidence and depression, JONES shares his own personal stories to the world in hopes of helping someone get through the next day.

Listen to "Fired Up" here.


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