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Artist Spotlight: Josh Waters Finds His Rhythm In Writing

With a single released each week this year, Josh Waters is up to something we all want to be a part of. Going into depth on a previous interview with us regarding his 35th-week single "Don't Go," Josh Waters explained that even though working with WLPWR was semi-intimidating, the 3-4 AM creative aura was in full tilt as he naturally grew more comfortable within the process.

Also noting that "Don't Go" was the first time Josh Waters placed his personal experiences into a track, we're easily able to relate with his lyrics of opening yourself up vulnerably to someone else.

Finding a rhythm in his writing made it easier for Waters to narrow down the 52 releases he's planned to take place this year. Impacted by the talented team accompanying the creative process, Josh Waters was inevitably inspired to open up and show vulnerability within his music, which clearly pushed him in the right direction.

Along the way of recording each song, Josh Waters wisely chose to switch up the producers and offer a different sonic approach and atmosphere within each track. Continually keeping us engaged with his weekly releases that he's put his heart and soul into, Josh Waters continues to impress us with his ever-changing and expanding sound.

Discover more about Josh Waters here.



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