Artist Spotlight: Joshua Ryan Brings Unique Pop to the Forefront

From Detroit to Los Angeles, Joshua Ryan takes his new music to different and explorative depths. As he’s mostly known for bringing different aspects and volumes to each individual track, Joshua Ryan uses all aspects of life as infinite inspiration for his fresh Pop/R&B sound. In regards to his most recent release, “Lost in You” gives us a glimpse of his clean-cut vocals and exceptional songwriting skills through relatable yet authentic lyrics. Joshua Ryan finds an incredibly unique balance between R&B and Pop, establishing his own intriguing sound that speaks to a variety of audiences.

Growing up, Joshua Ryan derived his early musical influences from staple Motown artists/groups like; The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and The Commodores. Mentioning in his recent BuzzMusic interview that these iconic Motown artists portrayed pure emotion and soul through their impressive vocals, making Joshua Ryan all the more interested and captivated. Planting his sound from a variety of genres, we’re amazed by his creative process as Joshua Ryan is said to prefer a home studio rather than being overwhelmed by a hi-tech/fully equipped studio. Taking time to really channel his emotions to capture an effective piece of music, Joshua Ryan brings an expansive sound with finely-crafted lyrics all to serve a thrilling musical experience.

Check out "Lost in You" here.