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Artist Spotlight: Julian Sameshima Shows He's All About Growth with His Cultured Sound

For those readers who aren't familiarized yet with Californian artist Julian Sameshima, it's probably time to get comfortable with his dynamic music offerings. Julian Sameshima is the kind of artist that integrates many genre styles with his light-hearted approach to vocal performance. Emulating feelings of peace and gratitude, Julian sings about topics personalized to him, and really strives to convey his most vulnerable emotions. 

With an evolving music style, Julian Sameshima finds importance in enriching his sound with any type of influence he receives, and that's most definitely an aspect of Julian's music that allows it to feel as versatile as it does. Julian is the type of artist that sources out opportunities consistently and creates opportunities if none are found.

During the past few months, Julian has only continued to expand his knowledge as a music artist, including learning more about guitar, as well as the productional effort behind curated music videos. All in all, Julian Sameshima is one artist to keep yourself updated on, as his music is always rearranging itself to be the best possible version of his artistic mind. 

Check out our recent interview with Julian Sameshima here.


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