Artist Spotlight: Juwan Rohan Is All About the People in His “Limit-Less” Album

Juwan Rohan is one of those artists who is all about the honesty in music, really being genuine and motivating the listener. This is something that clearly shows in his latest album 'Limit-Less', there are so many little but simple themes from Juwan’s life scattered throughout the album. All of these little flairs tied in with a super intimate atmosphere provide the perfect intimate storytelling experience that really makes you think about others, and how you can help them. Simply put, Juwan Rohan is both a storyteller and a story-listener; he loves to hear what others have to say about themselves and even started the hashtag #FactFriday to further promote this.

The music that Juwan creates is for the people, for any situation they may find themselves in, hoping that his music can help them. The 'Limit-Less' album is full-on all about Juwan's messages of genuine hardships all while keeping a simple, easy to follow mood that anyone would be able to listen to. Juwan aims to continue delivering inspiring messages by releasing one song every Friday for the rest of the year in hopes of getting out and helping as many people as he can.

Check out the 'Limit-Less' album here.