Artist Spotlight: Kan Boy Pushes Boundaries in Latest Single “All Ages"

Do you know who Kan Boy is? Well, you should. This Toronto based artist has such a unique aesthetic that we are just craving for more. If we were to try and describe his music it is something along the lines of Hip-Hop, and we say that because of how Kan Boy reinvents that classic Hip-Hop sound, especially in his single “All Ages” there is a clear but mysterious vibe to that captivates you to really listen in. The art that Kan Boy creates is for everyone; from the young to the old there is a little something in it that makes you want to keep listening and see what will happen next. On top of pushing the boundaries of the genre, Kan Boy’s talents allow him to freestyle every lyric in his music, once he is in the booth he is mentally prepared to deliver perfectly vibey tight lines.

With every release that Kan Boy puts out he pushes to do better and better and it shows; in “All Ages” there is such a high level of calibration where everything about it screams professional. Kan Boy is not messing around with music, he is ready to drop a new single every month starting this summer to his Soundcloud - be sure to follow, it is not something you’ll want to miss. 

You can listen to "All Ages" here.