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Artist Spotlight: Kasual OWNLY Gets Real with his Passionate Verses

Since 2016, budding rapper Kasual OWNLY has been a beloved innovator in the Hip-Hop industry.

Hailing from Chicago, the young artist Does not limit his talents to creating his intense verses and banging beats; he often adds visual effects to complement his songs. Kasual OWNLY is known for giving his fans the complete visual and auditory experience when it comes to his music.

Adhering to all the senses, fans of Kasual OWNLY are invited to completely immerse themselves within his nostalgia-inducing atmospheres. His songs are sure to include a hard-hitting beat with constantly evolving sonic experimentations layered in between.

Using his intrinsic songwriting talent, and his ability to tell a story lyrically, Kasual OWNLY shares his passionate opinions about the capitalist society we are all forced to live in – whether we like it or not. His music is an anthem for those who feel strongly against the “money-hungry” characteristics that are shaped by today’s greedy society.

Learn more about Kasual OWNLY's music here.


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