Artist Spotlight: 'Kechi

Remember 'Kechi? If you aren't already familiar with the sophisticated and alluring stylings of the R&B/soul artist, it's about time you be. As an emerging Chicago artist, 'Kechi is a multi-faceted musician and singer/songwriter blending lyrical soul with some of our favorite contemporary soundings. 'Kechi aims to bring intimacy with his songs, revealing the truest and most honest parts of his soul. We're enlightened by the intentions of 'Kechi, as his sound is nurtured with the best motives in place. 

Recent music that the BuzzMusic community has seen from 'Kechi included his single "Just". This particular track brought serene jazz elements to light, and 'Kechi used them to his absolute advantage. The rhythm is addictive but very minimalistic. 'Kechi has the kind of musical persona that is addictive, and you just keep going back to hear more. Currently listening to his melodic tracks, we feel at peace with his intricate and yet simple design. 'Kechi knows how to grasp the attention of his listeners with his smooth and velvety composure. His story is easy to flow along with, and his sound offers an enriched delicacy.  Whatever the future holds for 'Kechi, we know it's bright and smooth.

Check out 'Kechi's music here.