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Artist Spotlight: KT. True’s Empowerment Release “Stain” Is Just the Beginning

The Los Angles true rocker KT. True keeps pushing the limits of the genres in ways we never saw coming. Through KT. True’s fierce melodies, dark and cryptic beautiful melodies, and captivating rhythms, the music that KT. True creates is sure to keep you on your toes. Especially with releases like “Stain”, KT. True offers edgy rock arrangements with perfectly haunting vocals that cut right through the music very similar to icons like Joan Jett, Courtney Love, and Debbie Harry. From the crunchy guitars to the thundering drums, the music that KT. True provides is not something to be taken lightly, every band member delivers perfectly their role and perfectly gives space for KT. True’s vocals to shine through. With their release “Stain” we couldn’t help but become blown away and taken to undiscovered realms of music. Their release “Stain” has that empowerment feeling that represents the transition that KT. True had when moving from New York to Los Angels, that move brought forth new power and creative juice that feels like a waterfall coming down. This being their first release too, we are completely ready for what is coming next in KT. True's upcoming Single and EP that is expected to come in within the next few months.

Listen to "Stain" here.


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