Artist Spotlight: LÉA Gets Vulnerable About Relationship Struggles in Single "Feel the Same"

"Feel the Same" was the most recent single release by LÉA, and it led listeners into a trance that was timeless, amiable, as well as expansive.

There are sensual, honest, impactful, and profound aspects to the lyricism of LÉA in "Feel the Same." The song is much more than a love interest--it's understanding the mind of one who is LGTBQ2+ and the differences presented as a result. One goal that LÉA had in mind was that she wanted her listeners to elevate their minds and allow themselves to grow in limitless ways.

"When we get comfortable in our situations, we stunt our potential for growth and that goes for all aspects of life." - LÉA

At the end of the day, LÉA is all about projecting good energy through her music, and "Feel the Same" succeeded to do exactly so. Check out LÉA's BuzzMusic article here to dive deeper into her single, "Feel the Same."