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Artist Spotlight: L.E.E

Exceptional Singer/Songwriter L.E.E recently released her debut solo single "Black Queen," and this uplifting anthem is full of passionate lyrics, and showcase’s bold confidence aesthetic.

In an interview with BuzzMusic L.E.E explained that Black Queen originally started out as a poem she wrote in honor of Women’s History Month but during the “protest for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, [she] decided to revamp it and make it like an anthem for black women” say’s L.E.E. 

This track was artistically challenging for L.E.E as while she was recording the track it needed to be recorded at home due to the restrictions of quarantine and also she needed to keep quiet while her newborn was asleep.

L.E.E. which stands for "Love Expressed Endlessly", uses music as her personal outlet. She is an empowering artist who’s focused on the vulnerability and truth in her songwriting. 

During the hard times of 2020 L.E.E is inspired by the vision of her family which has motivated her to continue to do what she loves.

Learn more about L.E.E here



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