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Artist Spotlight: LA-Based Singer/Songwriter Jamall Anthony

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Jamall Anthony is an American recording artist and extremely talented singer/songwriter. Everything from his sound, his thoughts, feelings, and the way he uses his music as an outlet for all of these things. Not only is Jamall a talented solo artist and R&B singer but he has inked songs with some heavy-hitting songwriters on Universal, Sony Records, Disney, Ultra to name a few. Some songs he’s written that were released this year include  Dreamers - "All Washed Out" (Hollywood Records), Greyson Chance - "Yours" (Sony), Myrne - "All Night I've Been Waiting For You" (Ultra Records). Along with these collaborations, Jamall Anthony is currently working on his EP “Sinful Monkey” for future release!

His single “Summer 17” saw massive success this year and amassed almost 3k views for this spectacular new music video on Youtube. The message of “Summer 17” is about the transition from boyhood to manhood. Following this release, Jamall Anthony released another amazing single “Giving Up Slowly” this serves as the second release from the EP “Sinful Monk” and we can’t wait to hear the entire project!  There’s no doubt that Jamall Anthony will be a household name in the next few months and years to come. With a steady flow of consistent releases, we’re always looking forward to hearing more. 

Listen to Jamall Anthony’s music here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jamall Anthony! It’s such a pleasure to be catching up with you! You’ve had an impressive year, to say the least. What accomplishment are you most proud of thus far?

It’s great to be back with yall !! 2019 was definitely a great year. My biggest accomplishment would probably be between co-writing the Greyson Chance (Sony Records) single “Yours” and just seeing the reaction to it and the calls I got from it & finishing my current project “Sinful Monk” because it’s my first EP and I’m just excited for the world to hear the rest of these songs. Especially with “Giving Up Slowly” dropping Friday 11/8

We would have to imagine your sound has changed and evolved with time. How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

YESSSS my music has definitely evolved even within the past year. I know I’m 100% doing exactly what I want to be doing as opposed to doing what people wanted me to do in the beginning. I think you can hear the real now and I’m unapologetically doing and saying everything my brain wants. Sharing all my scars and stories now.

We’re so excited about your new release! What predominant message was integrated within "Giving Up Slowly"?

I’m beyond excited about this song !! “Giving Up Slowly is a true story based on my life and just deals with wanting something I could never truly have without hurting people in the process. This song is truly a journey and not only did I write it but I had a hand in production from start to finish and made sure it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Big Shoutout to my boy Nick Special for dealing with all my crazy ideas and bring them to life. 

What was the concept of the music video for “Summer 17”? What was the filming process like? 

”Summer 17” was great from start to finish. My buddy Justin Aries is great behind the camera and I just wanted to capture the vibe of the song so we went down to Huntington Beach and had a party with a fire pit and a bunch of people and the coolest part was some strangers ended up partying with us and it was just a whole vibe. Really happy about how it all came together and it has a teaser video that helps explain everything. I’m very selective with my artistry so it’s great to have people on the same page as me.

You always leave us wanting more but we’re happy you have an upcoming EP “Sinful Monk” on the way! What can you tell us about this project?

Yea, Sinful Monk is a 5 song EP that has truly changed my life from an artist perspective. I dive into a lot of personal stuff on this project. Old relationships, dealing with living in the heart of LA after living in the small hometown of Coatesville, PA. Literally all my scars and stories on this project. I hope everybody checks out this body of work because I’m sure you’ll dig it. 

Thank you so much for talking with us about your new singles and creative process. Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any live shows coming up in the near future?

It’s truly magnetic energy when I get on that stage. The band is rocking, the crowd is grooving and it’s just a whole experience and that’s exactly what I want at every Jamall Anthony show. The vibe is sky high and you never know what I might do up there. I love the performance aspect just as much as the writing process. They go hand-in-hand, I wrote this whole project myself so who better to tell the story onstage than the guy who created it all. Come out to a show sometime BuzzMusic I promise it’ll be a vibe. I’m currently working on dates for the live shows so follow me on all platforms to stay up to date with everything. 



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