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Artist Spotlight: Labán Empowers Us Through His Music

Hailing from Baja, California, Labán is a Singer, Songwriter, and producer who aims to create a personal connection with each song release. He is the type of artist who draws from his own emotions as inspiration for his poetic lyricism. Labán’s goal is to tell a story that can compliment any listener’s mood and allow them to connect with and understand his experiences.

By writing about his own true feelings, Labán creates an authentic and honest persona as an artist. He creates a bond of trust with his fans and allows them to feel comfortable with their own emotions as he shamelessly expresses his own.

Touching on important issues such as rapid mood swings and depression, Labán shows his full support listeners through his music. On top of spreading a positive message, he often includes a variety of instrumentals that will hook music lovers of many genres. He includes groovy drums, jazzy saxophones, and funky guitar lines. The classic instrumentation combined with his passionate vocals and empowering message gives Labán the potential to continue making waves in the music industry.

Check out our recent interview with Labán here.


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