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Spotlight: LaTasha Shemwell Brings Raw Vocalizations Into the World of R&B

Hailing from Kentucky, LaTasha Shemwell is a multifaceted artist who brings sass, style, and classical elegance to the neo-soul genre. Having grown up surrounded by countless musical environments, the budding talent developed her artistic background in classical vocals when she studied Opera throughout her undergraduate and graduate education. Now working as an independent artist, LaTasha Shemwell also devotes her time to her local community by acting as a children’s vocal coach.

With crisp vocals and an astonishing range, LaTasha Shemwell’s vocals will remain in the heads of the listeners long after hearing her music. The dedicated artist is always sure to provide her fans with a memorable sonic experience through each soul-touching instrumentation and poetic lyrical endeavor.

As the young artist’s ultimate goal is to bring ‘real singing’ back into the world of R&B, LaTasha Shemwell is beginning to make a name for herself as she showcases her charismatic personality and raw talent to her growing fan base.

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