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Artist Spotlight: Lew McKenzie Sets Out on an Eclectic Journey with Flavorful Productional Styles

New York music artist Lew McKenzie is back, and he's back so soon so that we can highlight his eccentric persona, as well as how well it ties in with his musical one. 

Lew McKenzie is all about taking his listeners on wavy journeys, and he's quite good at honing in on the right productional qualities to do so.

As a producer, Lew McKenzie knows how to give tracks that bustling, lively component, or contrastingly, a laidback lo-fi tune. Honing in on levels of nostalgia and reminiscence, Lew chooses to create productions that are deliberately full of affecting melodies that can transcend a listener in one way or another.

Whether he's combining elements of the R&B, rock, or funk music scene, Lew McKenzie consistently and gracefully manifests eclectic, explorative tunes. In terms of the near future, Lew McKenzie has set his sights on continuing to keep listeners engaged and elevated with his slew of instrumental combinations. 

Discover the music of Lew McKenzie here


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