Artist Spotlight: Looking Closer At Trenel's New Single "Drivin by."

Corey Lima or otherwise known as Trenel is a Brampton based artist whose style fuses between R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Afro-Latin, and Reggae. Trenel constantly works at improving his creativity and has devoted himself to his music. Recently Trenel released his moody EP "Sin Amor" and off of it is his exciting tune "Drivin by." and it is a bop. Drivin by." features explosive 808 drums, characterful sound design synth plucks vibing synth and vocal pads, and an honest vocal performance that rains with energy. It is clear that a lot of attention went into the details of this release; no element stays static for a moment and constantly evolves keeping you on your toes for what is to come. The pads in the verses have a vocoder like quality to them that sounds like they are singing words while the drums build on Trenel's already tight performance. The verses of "Drivin by." focus on creating an almost ethereal atmosphere that Trenel's rap performance is able to shine overtop of. While the chorus brings a breakdown type of mood and becomes super chill which perfectly suits Trenel's master-crafted hook. This dynamic shift in flow and texture leaves a thoughtful impression that you will definitely not want to miss out on. We're super stoked to see what's next from Trenel.

Check out "Drivin by." here.