Artist Spotlight: Lyndon Laveaux Fuses Poetry and Songwriting to Create Captivating Experiences

Coming from Miami is Rapper and Producer Lyndon Laveaux. Growing up with music from the '80s Lyndon was well-versed in unique musical styles that directly translate to the art he is creating today. Using music as an outlet to express himself, Lyndon channeled his inner negativity into poetry. Then, his dear friend DISANTI had influenced him to turn those poems into incredible verses that later became the birth of his music. Along with her help, Lyndon put out his release “Ay Papi,” a dance-infused record that blends in both Spanish and English lyrics to create a compelling chain of events that describes who Lyndon is. Lyndon an artist that shows honesty in all of his lyrics, using spoken word poetry as a starting point for his music. Lyndon pulls us into an experience that is both exciting and captivating from start to end. His release “Ay Papi” with DISANTI, is something that we didn’t know we needed but was very happy to hear come our way. We are thrilled to hear about what will be happening next.

You can listen to "Ay Papi” here  #BUZZMUSIC