Artist Spotlight: Lyric Storyteller Jforte Teaches Us About How to Survive a Pandemic

The Paradise Valley-based Hip-Hop artist Jforte is someone whose music comes from deeply personal experiences. Jforte is not afraid to use music as an outlet to help educate others to do what’s right, first with his release “Dsms” and teaching others how to become their better selves, to now with his newest release “Pymo” where Jforte is telling people to put their mask on when being out in public.

As an artist, Jforte is a storyteller and has no plans on slowing down. With anticipating the release of a new single every week, Jforte has lots to say to his listeners, and they will have plenty of music to learn from again and again. We are incredibly proud of how Jforte is able to put a spin on the worst of times, using the pandemic as a means to focus on his music, and nothing else has allowed him to finely tune his craft to ensure every release is the best he can do. We can’t wait to hear what is coming next from this storyteller.