Artist Spotlight: M Dot Brando Is the Walking Party With the Music He Creates

San Fransisco based Latin artist M Dot Brando, is one of those people that brings the party with him wherever he goes. After having headlined a 12 city tour, gaining over 100,000 streams, and even obtaining a sync placement for a television show. M Dot Brando is a rising star who has no signs of slowing down. This constant rush of pushing forward lead to his latest exciting single “Banana,” and it perfectly encompasses who M Dot Brando is as an artist. It’s got constant fun vibes, memorable melodies, and his iconic dynamically shifting vocal that brings in spontaneous flairs of Autotune vocals that feed your ears with sweet sugar.

During his time at the ASCAP Expo in 2019, M Dot Brando was inspired by the diversity in LA and quickly led within 20 minutes to write “Banana.” It was M Dot Brando’s work ethic that leads to where he is now, being inspired by a wide diversity of styles allows him to fuse new ideas that create his unique signature that defines who he is. M Dot Brando is now working to keep on pushing out his release “Banana” to reach an even bigger audience but also to deliver fresh new singles for us to enjoy. Whatever is coming, we are absolutely ready for it.

Watch the video for "Banana" here. #BUZZMUSIC