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Artist Spotlight: Mach-7 Muzik is a New-Wave Music Production Team to Watch

From New York City, siblings Marcus Machado and Vicky Casis were born with a deep passion for music. Growing up, they would play guitar and drums alongside some of their artistic influences: Jimi Hendrix, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Prince just to name a few.

Here to make the most of their cohesive music tastes, they formed a Music Production Team called Mach-7 Muzik.

The duo showcases their talents with their New-Wave production style, and often collaborate with rappers who give their tracks Hip-Hop flavors. The siblings are also known for their show-stopping guitar riffs, which is often featured in their songs. With the combination of anthemic instrumentals and magnetic production, Mach-7 Muzik has no trouble winning over their fans.

Ultimately, Mach-7 Muzik’s goal as a Music Production Team is to produce music for movies, television, and video games. They have recently been examining the type of music required for these platforms, and are fine-tuning their tracks to fit the bill.

Check out our recent interview with Mach-7 Muzik here.



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