Artist Spotlight: Magazine Gap Displays a Glimpse of Their Upcoming Album “What’s That About?"

London Pop-Soul band Magazine Gap is back, this time highlighting the band's recording process and upcoming album “What’s That About?”. Having toured hotspots across the globe, Magazine Gap is always looking for new and exciting ways to intrigue a broader fanbase through their mix of nostalgic and modern music. The band mentioned that they aim for a sound that feels both familiar and unique, blending elements like folk, rock, pop, jazz, and even R&B into their own alternative style.

Magazine Gap mentioned that their unique recording process consists of a three-track set, where each song contains differences and similarities where they can pick out highlights before they find the structure of the song. Then adding layered keyboard and guitars, all to reach the final vocal process. Since Magazine Gap’s process is fairly extensive, their upcoming album “What’s That About?” is actually and collection of past songs written by Magazine Gap over time. Mentioning that each song shares a different aspect to the band through brass duos, string quartets, and complex electronic production, Magazine Gap is incredibly excited to share with the world how they’ve created 12 different tracks that serve a continuous and cohesive storyline. Be sure to check out “What’s That About?” once it releases.

Listen to "What's That About?" here.