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Artist Spotlight: Marcus Alland Paints a Picture of Society With Each Verse

Coming in hot from Queens, New York, Marcus Alland continues to release Hip-Hop anthems for his growing audience.

Staying inspired with his hunger to improve as an artist and tirelessly increase his work ethic, we’re not surprised that this Hip-Hop prodigy constantly upgrades his ability to impress us. Marcus Alland can be easily remembered for his exuberant rhythms, hooking melodies, and a raw intensity within his vocals.

Through witty and thoughtful lyricism, Marcus Alland paints a vivid picture depicting the tragedies of society today. He is the type of artist that uses his platform to bring crucial issues within society to light. He has touched upon many controversial topics including the Black Lives Matter movement, the riots, the ignorance of COVID-19, and businesses experiencing bankruptcy.

Speaking for the oppressed and the repressed, Marcus Alland is a voice for those who have been dealt a poor hand, and do not receive the equal rights that every individual deserves.

Learn more about Marcus Alland's music here.



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