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Artist Spotlight: Mariessoul Provides Insight Into Community Circumstances on New Song, "Brooklyn"

Hip-hop artist Mariessoul has made great strides within the hip-hop industry. As a Brooklyn singer/songwriter, Mariessoul has a multitude of life experiences under her belt in order to craft striking and impassioned tracks for her listeners to vibe and resonate with.

Mariessoul's most recent single release was "Brooklyn," which featured a video accompanying the track. The visuals were eccentrically intriguing and offered a disparate viewing to which viewers are accustomed. Once we had a chance to catch up with Mariessoul, she explained that following the growing gentrification in Brooklyn, she wanted to use her platform as a means to advocate for her community.

Delving into her music video, the inspiration and creative direction were completely done via the mind of Mariessoul. She wanted her ultimate vision brought to life, and life was given to it indeed! If you focus close enough on her song, you may even recognize a tribute she had made to her late stepfather and the hardships that resulted from his death.

Next, you can expect Mariessoul to release her upcoming album. Her personal and artistic growth will be heard, so watch the radar for her future music releases.

To read the full BuzzMusic article on Mariessoul and her song "Brooklyn," click here.

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