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Artist Spotlight: Matt Wheatley Spreads a Message of Positivity

Recently introducing himself into the Pop music scene, Matt Wheatley is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. As if his resume wasn’t impressive enough, Wheatley has completed this list of accomplishments after being born legally blind. He uses his songwriting as a tool to spread his message of perseverance.

Matt Wheatley’s production quality will undoubtedly uplift listeners. His massive beats and anthemic chorus’ will leave people feeling overwhelmed with euphoria. In addition to his gut-wrenching soundscapes, Matt Wheatley is a bright light in a dark world when it comes to his lyrical messages. With his most recent EP, his main goal was to leave his fans feeling inspired. With each song, he encourages fans to ‘take a leap of faith;’ the fear of failure should never hold someone back from accomplishing their dreams. With his message of self-contentment, “we are better if we simply choose to be,” Matt Wheatley is the type of artist that will motivate fans to be the best versions of themselves.


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