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Artist Spotlight: Multifaceted Artist Craig Greenberg Lifts Spirits

After growing up in New York, the multifaceted musician Craig Greenberg has traveled around the world before landing in Chile, where he has embarked on a career as an independent artist.

In addition to his songwriting and vocal talents, the New York artist has mastered the piano and guitar, which brings a sense of elegance and authenticity to each of his songs.

As his fingers effortlessly dance across the ivory keys, Craig Greenberg provides deeper emotion behind his hopeful lyrics. With every wail of his electric guitar and soulful plucking of an acoustic, the energy level of instrumentation perfectly matches the lyrical tone.

With over a year of difficult times beginning to disappear in the rearview mirror, Craig Greenberg believes that people could use something to boost their moods. He challenged himself to produce the song “We’ll Come Together” to promote connection amongst his fans, in hopes to unite people through their common struggles.



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