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Artist Spotlight: Myles Bullen Advocates for What Matters

Hailing from rom Portland, Maine, Indigenous art poet and indie rapper Myles Bullen is bringing a new sonic aesthetic to the table. Growing up, Miles Bullen was always meant to be a rapper – he originally discovered his passion for rapping at age seven.

He continued to make songs with his cousins for years, and eventually embraced poetry and original songwriting when he was fifteen. Myles Bullen creates euphoric melodies composed of magnificent harmonies and thoughtful production.

In addition to his alluring soundscapes, Myles Bullen is the type of artist who uses his far-reaching platform to spread awareness about topics of importance. Having endured some huge losses this year, he is allowing his grief to fuel his drive when it comes to making his music.

One of his most enticing qualities is his ability to create art as he weaves his meaningful words into stories. He uses his songwriting to advocate for social justice, mental health, and staying positive during trying times and we're all for it.

Discover more about Myles Bullen here.


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