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Artist Spotlight: Nathan Samuelson Breaks Down His Title Track “City Lights Ahead”

Nathan Samuelson thoroughly explained how he grasped his serene inspiration to his beautiful track, “City Lights Ahead.” While hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Nathan Samuelson spends lots of time traveling and performing on cruise ships that dock in surreal, exotic and inspirational places. While also being introduced to legendary Chuck Mangione at the age of 5, all he wanted to do was display his textured music with the rest of the world, which is precisely what he does today—tying in aspects of foreign countries while giving his music a sense of home and belonging.

Nathan Samuelson went into detail on a recent interview with BuzzMusic about the creation of his song “City Lights Ahead.” We want to highlight how he takes inspiration from every experience and is said to find a melody in his head that captures the moment he’s living. While being docked in Madeira, Portugal, Nathan Samuelson noticed the cities lights and beauty that reflected on the ocean and was reminded of his hometown Edmonton and how the lights would reflect on the North Saskatchewan River. He effortlessly ties in elements that can resonate with people from different countries, as he speaks the language of the authentic trumpet that lets his timeless approach to music shine right through. Also mentioning his upcoming project that will serve a different side to Nathan Samuelson’s instrumentation, he plans on bringing versatility to his jazzy sound through incorporating electronic samples and elements. As he continues his venture in the industry, Nathan Samuelson is an artist to look out for.

Listen to "City Lights Ahead" here.


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