Artist Spotlight: Neon Ion's Music Will Take You on a Utopic Journey

Dedicated indie/pop artist Neon Ion is back yet again with her typical otherworldly and euphoric charm. Neon Ion is truly your contemporary, modern-day eclectic extravaganza. Her music has a natural flow to it, and the atmosphere she creates with her sound will take you on an extraterrestrial listening adventure. We've noticed that Neon Ion really accentuates her vibe with eloquently styled vocals, topped with a heavy electronic presence. Although the electric components of her track do elevate our mood, the integration is very smooth and doesn't feel bombarding in any sort of way. Neon Ion strategically composed her music to hold the right kind of balance, providing a pivotal equilibrium. We'll always wonder what dreamy and mystic combinations Neon Ion will release next because the artist truly keeps us on our toes with upcoming releases. From what we've heard, Neon Ion is on track to deliver a string of new releases to listeners this month, so we're getting ready for more vibrant expressions to come our way! As of right now, we're completely content with listening to a collection of her already released sounds. 

Check out the music of Neon Ion here