Artist Spotlight on Vancouver's Talented Jazz Singer Maya Rae

Remember sultry jazz artist Maya Rae? If you don't, it's about time you make yourself familiar with her compelling sound. As an artist, Maya Rae has that natural flow to her vocal sound. You know, that easy glide in one's voice, every note delivering itself smoothly and crisply? This comes as a surprise to almost nobody, as Maya Rae has always done a stellar job at crafting her vocal performance to be one to remember, which is why we're putting her on full spotlight today here at BuzzMusic.

Recently BuzzMusic has seen the release of Maya's "Freedom Fighter", where the artist collaborated with her Brother to bring the descriptive piece to light. It was this particular song that had us feeling overwhelmed by Maya Rae and her vocal texture. But beyond her ability to write and record a great song, Maya Rae's voice is what allows her to appear very mystic, as well as offering hints of honesty. We have to admit that we feel more emotionally connected to Maya Rae when hearing her luscious sound. She has a certain kind of quality as an artist that allows you to relax at the sound of her voice--physically feeling yourself become lighter in weight (we wish it showed on the scale). In essence, there's something about the soft embrace of Maya's sound that allows you to open up as a listener and soak up all of the beneficial properties of her music, which notably come in various forms. The alluring jazz artist continues to develop her genuine and authentic sound in the time to come, and we're incredibly eager to hear what Maya Rae will release next.

Discover Maya Rae's eloquent sound, here.