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Artist Spotlight: PAVILION Tops the Indie Charts

Hailing from Brighton, PAVILION is a UK-based Indie duo consisting of members Benji Lamb and Stu Berry. Known for their creativity and talent in integrating Indie with Pop, their career caught flame from the moment it began. Since its first releases in 2019, PAVILION has been featured on top-rated Indie playlists on BBC and Spotify. Benji and Stu’s complimentary energies are an advantage when coming up with their Indie-Pop sound. They are known for their catchy hooks and authentic lyricism, all while maintaining a steady relationship with the organic and malleable sounds of orchestration. 

PAVILION has the ability to hook their fans with their spirit alone. The duo has been picking up speed and continuing to release new songs; they have a very much awaited Extended Play “SELF TALK” that is set to release in November. The EP is set to showcase their musical evolution as a cohesive timeline of their sound.

Discover PAVILION here.


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