Artist Spotlight: Radium Moon Showcases Musical Chemistry

From Montreal, Canada, Radium Moon is an Alternative Rock band made up of three artists: Sandrine Chouinard, Brandon Muir, and Raphael Poletti. Each of these multitalented musicians brings their own unique music style to the table both instrumentally and vocally.

Sandrine specializes in vocals and bass, Brandon is a vocalist and guitarist, while Raphael is the thumping heart of the band on the drums. Known for their classic, heavy rock-and-roll energy, Radium Moon sprinkles in punk vocals and alternative vibes to truly showcase their musical diversity.

In addition to their musical chemistry, the trio is also a harmonious group when they collaborate during their songwriting process. They generally begin with one of Brandon’s new riffs, and everything seems to flow from there. Once the rhythm and the melody are set, they flow into their songwriting and often create a song that reflects their mood at the time. With the recent release of a self-titled EP in June, fans are eager to hear what else Radium Moon has to offer.

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