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Artist Spotlight: RAINNE Shows Us Two is Better Than One

This Alt-Pop Duo is a blend of the classically trained stylings between Singer/Songwriter Annie Dingwall and Saxophonist/Engineer Justin Klunk.

Their latest release, "Monster," takes us on a dynamic sonic journey from how they sweeten the speakers while also allowing us to sink deep into the low-end. Annie Dingwall's passionate performance meets the hard-hitting kicks and powerful bassy synths keep us locked into this magnetic track. In an interview, they stated that the original goal "for this song to be as "big" and dynamic as possible." They did just that with this punchy production.

When asked in a recent interview with BuzzMusic about the initial inspiration behind this track, they said, "This song explores the idea that the monster inside is only one part of a beautiful, chaotic whole that is worth loving in its entirety." RAINNE is not one to shy away from heavier topics, and we know this song has an important place in this world.

RAINNE has been hard at work putting together a whole new set to play once live shows finally return. Fans should be on the lookout for their several releases planned out for this year.

We have loved watching RAINNE conquer the music industry and can't wait for what's next.

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