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Artist Spotlight: Reno & Rome Weaves a Lattice of Genres

Based in the UK, Reno & Rome is an up-and-coming collective that rides an ever-changing wave between the genres of Indie-Rock and 80’s Pop. Consisting of 4 members, the group appeals to their growing fan base with texturized instrumentation and fashionable production. Each member brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing for a musical versatility that brings fans something new every time. Between releases of their original music, Reno & Rome keeps their fans engaged by releasing covers that showcase their unique sound. The dedicated band aims to share a motivational message of confidence by encouraging listeners to be themselves by seamlessly weaving mantras of self-love into their storytelling lyrics.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Reno & Rome describes the inspiration behind their most recent single “Paralysed.” The group explained, “we have so many influences between us so it’s always a grand feeling when we manage to collate all the genres, we love into one song. The story behind Paralysed was an employed character that is besotted with someone to the point of being unhealthy. The verses explain the point of view that you should have the confidence to say something but are too afraid, whereas the chorus conveys the message of just going for it while you have the chance.”

Read more with Reno & Rome here.


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