Artist Spotlight: Roni Marsalis Takes Us Through Her EP 'Amnesia'

The Kansas City R&B/Soul artist Roni Marsalis gave us a deeper meaning to her latest EP 'Amnesia'.

Roni Marsalis expressed that her creative process was ever so gentle and that she took her sweet time to finely craft each song to her liking. Roni also explained that the concept she wanted to provide through “Amnesia” was more of a heavy one, speaking on a disorder known as Dissociative Amnesia, where we can easily forget information due to personal trauma and stress. While Roni Marsalis realized that the woman she was becoming needed a powerful voice behind her to speak her own truth, it was truly a reflective process and a vulnerable one too.

Roni was extremely adamant to incorporate her spoken-word art into the EP, seeing as it’s how she was initially introduced to rapping and emceeing.

Noting that spoken-word can provide more effective and clear messages because all we have to focus on is the words and body language of the artist at hand. Roni Marsalis has always begun her creative process with a beat, whether it wows her or not. She’s mentioned that her brand not only stands for freedom but wanting to change the way we view the world of hip-hop.

Standing her ground as a strong and proud black woman, Roni Marsalis hopes to influence other women of color to be as creative as they desire and never stop what they're doing because of corrupt and discriminatory systems. Fighting for what she believes in, and leaving a legacy behind, Roni Marsalis is constantly growing with each step.

Listen to 'Amnesia' here.